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My name is Sarah Gardner. I'm an experienced front end developer for corporations, small to medium sized businesses, and individual sites.

There is nothing I enjoy more than solving design problems for my clients and their users. When asked to add three long form videos on scroll, parallax movement, 50 head shots, a database job, an ajax portfolio, and numerous other features to make one smart corporate site, I think I pulled it off rather smoothly. Take a look below.

I have had a passion for digital design code and concepts since before university. I graduated from Teesside University, northern England, with first-class honours in Web and Multimedia design. Currently, I reside just north of London.

Please take a look at the portfolio section of my website. I am sure I can help you with your digital solutions.

I have great experience in...

Adobe Suite
I have worked with Sarah on many projects, from full site build outs to animations, and she excels in all areas whether it be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash or design. She is able to work through road blocks, changes in scope and other issues that would normally hinder or pro-long a project, all with a positive and determined attitude. Her grasp of large-scale projects is stellar, and she's no slouch with the details, either. Her teamwork and commitment to delivering quality work makes her a pleasure to work with. She is skilled with code and yet talented with creative design.

Susan Hardin - Director of Services, Broadcast. Calkins Media Inc


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Design is for your audience, because after all, users are your business. Know them, create content around them, design for them, and you cannot fail. Web design is now more than just the aesthetics! Tablets and smart-phones are the future, it is important that your site is optimised through responsive design, allowing accessibility across all platforms.


Web Design & Development

Making awesome prototypes, web applications, web sites, mobile designs and animations based on requirements gathering. Just another day of enjoyable work. I can troubleshoot coding conflicts with a smile.

Responsive Design

The main benefit of responsive design is its flexibility to adapt to any device, any screen size. Your handcrafted site would become easily accessible and give you the competitive edge. You only have to optimize your content once for all devices.

Digital Media & Marketing

Creating marketing messages in digital display advertisements following all IAB sizes and standards. Support your business model and keep your margins high by delivery a professionally designed display campaign.

Social Media & Web Content

I can provide practical solutions based on the full coding and content goals of your site. You want someone who understands how all the parts work together. Your Facebook or Youtube page affects your site optimization and so does the code.

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Milton Keynes 07815 698 966 contact@sarahgardner.co.uk